As a human you hold great weight in the old world. You are the most numerous race albeit the youngest. A wide variety of occupations and skills are at a human’s control, however they are also the most susceptible to corruption. For this reason the elder races (Dwarfs and Elves) look down upon your young and thriving race, blaming you for their “Fall from Grace”. Though tension are high elves, dwarves and human, share a mutual bond of trade and assist each other in times of need like now, during a Chaos Invasion.

As a human your skill set and class will determine your background and general history, the specifics will be determined by you.

Cleric – Priest of Shallya

Fighter – Generic warriors, witch hunters, barbarians

Paladin – Warrior Priests of Sigmar

Ranger – Woodsmen and scouts

Rogue – Thieves, outlaws, and woodsmen

Warlock/Wizard – Wizards of the College of Magic

Warlord – Commanders, warriors, nobles


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