As a member of one of the elder races, you have learned a great deal about your world. Elves have an extremely long life, essentially immortal. Elves are very gifted warriors and have natural magical tendancies. You are looked upon with both respect and awe from the humans, and hatred from the Dwarves due to a standing grudge from over 2,000 years ago. Dwarves will cooperate in a time of need, but only because they have a more hated opponent in the Chaos Invasion. A wide variety of occupations and skills are at an elf’s control.

As an elf your skill set and class will determine your background and general history, the specifics will be determined by you.

Fighter – Skilled Bladesmen and warriors

Ranger – Woodsmen and scouts

Rogue – Thieves, outlaws, and woodsmen

Warlock/Wizard – Mages of the Tower of Hoeth

Warlord – Commanders, warriors, nobles


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