As a member of one of the elder races, you have learned a great deal about your world. Dwarvea have an extended life, sometimes living to be over 600 years old. Dwarves are brutal and stubborn warriors, a highly prized forefront of any armed conflict, resistant to the effects of minor magic, and extremely renowned engineers and builders. Dwarves however also have mand strange tradtions, for instance their beards. A dwarf is shamed if his beard is cut or trimmed and to do so is an outrage, garnering hatred from all dwarves. Elves currently hold this hatred the highest with a 2,000 year old grudge against them for the cutting of a dwarf’s beard, though will join in armed conflict against the Chaos Invasion. Dwarves hold oathbreakers also as a highly shameful practice and those who have either become shammed or repentant devote themselves to the Slayer Cult.

As an elf your skill set and class will determine your background and general history, the specifics will be determined by you.

Fighter – Skilled Axemen, warriors, Slayers

Rogue – Theives and outlaws

Cleric – Priests of Valaya

Rogue – Thieves and outlaws

Warlord – Commanders, warriors, nobles


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